Frank & Emeka

Frank Emeka

If the weather is warm, you can find Frank and Emeka outside! So when they needed to social distance this spring/summer, they moved whatever they did – from games of Pictionary to munching on hot wings – into the fresh air. With Frank, Emeka has tried new things like weight-lifting and wood-working. Frank says they have a mellow, joking relationship, and Emeka thinks Frank is great to hang out with.

Matched March 2013

Nickole & Haley

Nikole Haley

This match loves to read and learn together. While both consider themselves homebodies, they’ve done plenty of activities out and about, including painting, bowling, ice skating and a cooking class. Haley says Nickole is easy to talk to and Nickole enjoys their conversations – especially about books! Since COVID, the pair have taken many walks together and are thinking about taking up paddleboarding.

Matched July 2019

Jennifer and Sophia

Jenny Sophia

Jennifer and Sophia love to go out for ice cream and work on crafts – painting pottery is one of their favorite activities. In the two years they’ve been matched, Sophia has become much more talkative, especially with Jennifer. In fact, Jennifer is the only one Sophia likes calling on the phone, making it much easier to keep close during these challenging times.

Matched September 2018

Vincent and Ah’Jamier

Vincent AhJamier

Vincent and Ah’Jamier spent the summer hiking while social distancing – and loved every minute of it! They had a blast on one hike when they found crayfish under the rocks in a stream. While reading isn’t Ah’Jamier’s favorite activity, they read books together, and Ah’Jamier’s reading scores have greatly improved as a result. They both enjoy the open and honest communication they have with each other.

Matched January 2018

Nathaniel and Zechariah

Nate Zechariah

Nathaniel and Zechariah share a love of the outdoors and reptiles – even imaginary ones like Godzilla. Both say their favorite memory from their three-year match is when they went on a hike and saw a deer. While Zechariah still struggles in school, his mom says that since he was matched with Nathaniel, he is much more vocal and confident. Zechariah says of his Big Brother: “Nate is a great friend and a great ally.”

Matched June 2017

Abby and Trista

IMG_3055 (002)

Abby and Trista just reached their one year match anniversary! Right from the start, they developed a bond over a mutual love of food. While staying socially distant, Abby has ordered food delivery from GrubHub for both herself and her Little and they have dinner ‘together’ over video chat.

This pair never run out of things to talk about! Trista says she tells Abby everything, knowing her secrets are safe. Abby adores Trista and thinks their match is perfect!

Matched July 2019

Jessica and Nevaeh

Rodriguez Ward

In the three years they’ve been matched, Neveah and Jessica have become close friends. They share adventures such as fishing, arts and crafts, and even played games virtually when they had to be socially distant this spring. For Nevaeh's last birthday, she looked forward to having the waitstaff at her favorite restaurant sing to her. When the staff said they didn’t sing for guests, Jessica grabbed a piece of cake from the buffet and walked back to their table singing "Happy Birthday," getting other diners to join in too.

Matched January 2017

Chuck and Shazir

Chuck and Shazir 4

When they first met, Chuck worried he couldn’t keep up with energetic Shazir. But in the four years they’ve been matched, the two have enjoyed plenty of activities: bowling, golf, ball games, and ceramics, to name a few. Chuck even taught Shazir to ride a bike!

Matched March 2016