It all starts with the right role models, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region is the place to begin a relationship with one.

As a parent or guardian, you recognize the potential of your child better than anyone. We simply pair your child with another awesome adult to protect and unleash it. Life is difficult, we all experience ups and downs, and we know - the more people in your corner the better. We'd love the chance to provide your child with another positive role model to help set them on a path to success.

The age requirement to enroll a child is ages 6-14.


mentoring relationships for hundreds of children across the Capital Region—one Little at a time. A dedicated professional Match Support Specialist supports each of our matches to provide guidance and resources specific to the Little’s age.

With a Big in their life, children and teens in the BBBSCR program are empowered to ignite their potential as they:

  • Grow their self-esteem
  • Earn better grades
  • Make healthier choices
  • And develop a lifelong friendship with their Big

Enroll your child today!

With Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region any child who wants a mentor can have one. Due to high demand for services our programs are currently full.  We are not accepting new enrollments at this time, with the exception of those children who are receiving OPWDD services. If your child receives OPWDD services and you would like to enroll them to receive a mentor, please email Program Director Lisa O'Sullivan at LisaO@bbbscr.org.


Thank you for your patience while we work to match the 250 Capital Region youth that are on our wait list with a mentor to empower their potential. We hope to be able to open up our programs to new enrollments in June 2024. Please check back with us at that time.


The following guidelines are used to determine your child’s eligibility for our programs. We’ll also get additional information gathered through an in-home interview and conversations with the child’s school or therapist/counselor when appropriate.

  1. We enroll children between the ages of 6-14. Littles can stay in the program until they are eighteen or graduate high school.
  2. The child must be available to meet with their mentor on a consistent basis for a minimum of one year.
  3. The child must not have physical or mental health issues that are beyond the capabilities of our mentors.
  4. The child or family members must not exhibit any behaviors that would put a mentor or case manager at risk.
  5. The legal guardian and child must be agreeable to the child’s participation in the program.
  6. The legal guardian and child must understand and agree to follow agency guidelines.