Proceeds from this event directly support the professionally guided mentoring programs of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region.


Andrew Elder, Best Frame Forward

Andrew head shot for web

I’m Andrew Elder, the owner and principal photographer and videographer of Best Frame Forward. I started BFF in 2016 as a way to supplement my full-time “big boy” job, be more creative with a medium I was falling more and more in love with, and serve the small businesses, non-profits, families, athletes, and artists of the Capital Region. By 2022, my ‘side hustle’ was starting to horn in on my 9-to-5. Rather than turn away business that was more creatively fulfilling, I listened to the wisdom of my lovely wife Courtney to try going the other way. As of June 2022, Best Frame Forward is my full-time career and I couldn’t be happier about it!


Little Ah’Siah and Big Lily

Little Ah’Siah and Big Lily

Little Ah’Siah and Big Lily have been matched for a year and a half. Little Ah’Siah is filled with energy and is very active! Lily and Ah’Siah first bonded over their love of cheerleading and taking pictures. Their first outing was documented with polaroids at an apple orchard.

Currently, they are working on teaching Ah’Siah kindness and being more respectful towards others. They are also looking to start volunteering together.