Proceeds from this event directly support the professionally guided mentoring programs of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region.


Roberto Nunez, Wealth Advisory Group

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Roberto Nunez is a Financial Advisor at Wealth Advisory Group. He moved up to the Capital Region from the Bronx a little over 3 years ago. Roberto is a former college quarterback who attended Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, which has the current top-ranked high school NY football team that just won the NY State Championship .


One huge reason I am doing this is because where I come from without someone showing me there are other things in life outside of football, I wouldn't have had the opportunities or formed the relationships I have today. "There is almost no one except very few who are self made. Everyone has people who've played a vital part in their life."


Little Mani and Big Christian

Little Mani and Big Christian

Little Mani and Big Christian started off their match in April 2022 attending many of our Big Experience program events! From the basketball tournaments to the STEM classes at Russell Sage College - you bet they’d be there! When the weather gets warm they enjoy fishing and doing more low key outings. They have hit it off from the start and Big Christian continues to make an impact mentoring by giving Mani an outlet and an opportunity to get out into his community!